Thank you for your interest in The Dear Abbeys!

As all of our members and alumni will tell you, being in the Dear Abbeys is a unique and fulfilling aspect of "the college experience".

We love to welcome new members and are are happy that you’re considering auditioning for the group.  On this page, we have outlined a few good details concerning the audition process. 

College is a time to try new things, why not perform, record, and tour with the Abbeys?


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the audition process

Our auditions are pretty casual - come chat with us, get to know us, and then sing a little something!

Our Music Director will lead you through warm-ups/vocal exercises and then we’ll have you sing the verse and chorus of a song you feel showcases your voice best.

We recommend that you avoid show-tunes, as they do not reflect the group’s vocal style. To get an idea of what type of songs we do perform, check out our Spotify account, The Dear Abbeys, to hear some recordings. 

Auditions for the FALL 2019 SEMESTER :
Auditions will not be held in the Spring 2019 semester


Thank you again for your interest in auditioning for The Dear Abbeys! Good luck, and we look forward to meeting you! 


On Diversity and Inclusion

As an all-male acapella group on Boston University’s campus, The Dear Abbeys is committed to being a musical organization within the larger community that fosters acceptance, growth, talent, and individuality by accepting members, audiences, and music of singer/songwriters of all races, genders, sexualities, abilities, and more.