The Dear Abbeys

Boston University's All-Male A Cappella Group

-Current Repertoire-

Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles (arr. Yanni Metaxas)

Still Feel Like Your Man - John Mayer (arr. Todd Reiss)

Sara Smile - Dez Duron (arr. Eric Shuren & Mattyar Alborzi)

Tangled - Maroon 5 (arr. Brady Moses)

Wicked Game - Johnnyswim (arr. Christian Lawrence)

Attention - Charlie Puth (arr. Todd Reiss)

Only Angel - Harry Styles (arr. Christian Lawrence)

Sway - Michael Bublé (arr. Eric Shuren)

Dancing Queen - Daecolm (arr. Jack Humphrey & Finn Davidson)

Too Good To Say Goodbye - Bruno Mars (arr. Todd Reiss)

Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake (arr. Todd Reiss)